Lumber Transload

Lumber Transload

The Port of Tucson provides companies access to shipping and receiving freight via Boxcars, Hopper Cars, Tank cars, and more.

 Rock Transload

With our dock level and grade level access to rail freight, the Port of Tucson facilitates movement of commodities such as lumber, sheetrock, steel, grains, and more.

Military Trains

The Port of Tucson also provides services for movement of military equipment via Rail.  Our services and infrastructure create an ideal location for loading or unloading of military equipment.

Wind Tower Staging Area

With the infrastructure and services at the Port of Tucson, we can provide a destination for unique transloads such as Wind Generation Towers, Pipe Trains, and Heavy Hauls.  Contact us to find out more about our services.

Customers can benefit from buildings with dock level access or team track facilities for grade level access.  The Port of Tucson can also provide transload services as needed.

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You can benefit from rail transportation even without rail infrastructure to your facility utilizing Door to Door services.