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The Port of Tucson

The Port of Tucson is a full service inland port, rail yard and intermodal facility located southeast of  the City of Tucson, Arizona, 70 miles north of the Mexico border crossing in Nogales, Arizona on Interstate 19. The facility is located adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad Mainline and Interstate 10, linking California and Texas.
The Port of Tucson provides the following assets to logistics solutions;

  • Located on 767 acres, designated as ‘Shovel Ready’ by City of Tucson and Pima County development services.
  • Over 1.7 million square feet of  manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution buildings with plenty space to grow.
  • 50’000 feet of working rail track with intra-plant switching services being provided by the Port of Tucson.
  • Federally designated and Activated Foreign Trade Zone as well as a State of Arizona Enterprise Zone, both of which provide certain duty or tax benefits within the park.

The Port of Tucson is a neutral transportation facility with the main purpose to connect people and companies with opportunities and markets.